Thursday, March 23, 2006

Please stand clear of the doors

Woman boards already packed train at Rosslyn, gets purse stuck in door.

Woman (with screeching southern accent): "OH LORDY, I am stuck in the door! I am STUCK in the door! Y'all, help me! Push it open! NO, you, man, can you push it!?
Poor man stuck next to her: I'm trying!
Woman: Oh, my word! I'm stuck in the door! It won't come out!
Train conductor over the intercom: In the second to the last car, you, stand CLEAR of the doors!
(purse finally comes free)
Woman: Wow, y'all, they're serious when they close those doors!
(silence until the train starts to pull into Courthouse)
Woman: HEY Y'ALL IN THE MIDDLE - Can you just let go of your poles and move in? Stand close! Make friends with your neighbor! Make room! Just let go of your poles and move in -- we are all just STUCK IN THE DOOR!

-Orange line


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