Friday, April 07, 2006

Metro acrobatics

Scene: Orange line metro near L'Enfant at 11:30 a group of Hashers enters the train.

Drunk Girl 1: Never have I ever puked on the Metro!
Crowd of hashers cheers: Drink, drink drink!
Girl 1: Never Have I ever made out on the Metro!
Crowd: Drink!
Girl 1: Never have I ever hit on someone on the Metro!
Crowd: Drink
Girl 1: Never have I ever hung upside down on the Metro.
Crowd: Hmmmm, errr...
Drunk Girl 2: I can do it, let me try. (Guys give her a boost, she hangs upsidedown on the moving train for 2 minutes)
Drunk Guy: I can do it too! (No one gives him a boost, he tries repeatedly, almost gets stuck)
Drunk Guy 2: I will pee my pants tomorrow morning if I get on the metro and you're still there. There will literally be a wet stain on my suit tomorrow if you're still there.


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