Friday, July 21, 2006

Storytime with Eavesdrop DC.

"I was sitting towards the back of the bus. The driver (a black man in his early 30s) is a real a-hole. I've ridden with him before, he's really hard on the brakes, and is a real bitch. He just stopped and let a few people on close to the corner of 29 and Georgia and started to drive off (I mean he just closed the doors and let off the brakes). Then, a dude who looks like Milton from Office Space (same hair, shirt, tie, etc.) came running up and yelling for the bus to stop. The driver accelerated and the guy slapped the side of the bus with his briefcase really hard and yelled, 'Hey motherf--ker! Stop the f--king bus! Bitch!' as the driver accelerated and left the man behind to inhale bus fumes."

-- The Z8 in Silver Spring


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