Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hobos vs Hippies: The Epic Battle

Context: Connecticut Avenue around mid-day. Various Greenpeace fanatics around. One is professing her love of the environment on some yuppie. Another spots her next target: a tall man, long coat, just lit a cigarette.

"Hello! Hi!" says the young Greenpeace campaigner.
"Hey how goes it?" says the gruff tall man.
"Do you love the environment?"
"Yes, I do. I live in it." he says very matter of fact.
"That's great!" she exclaims.
"I'm homeless" he mentions.
"oh," her deflation is almost audible above the bustle of the street.

Then, deflated, the Greenpeace campaigner knows not the protocol for this certain situation and bids the tall gruff man goodbye. Love it.



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