Friday, July 11, 2008

Monkey names should be somewhat respectable. Mr. Chompers, for example.

Guy #1: I mean he's so dumb, Chompers the Monkey could do his job. Seriously. Why do we even keep him around the office?

Guy #2: Wait, who is Chompers the Monkey?

Guy #1: I don't know. Some fictitious monkey. I made him up, he's hypothetical. Anyway back to what I was saying about Glenn*. He's such an idiot..

Guy #2: No, wait...hold on. Who names their pet monkey Chompers? Seriously, that's a crappy name for a monkey.

Guy #1: I don't know. People. Look, forget about Chompers ok?

Guy #2: No, I'm not sure I can. And don't frustrated with me. You're the one who brought up Chompers in the first place. So if you wanted to keep this conversation on Glenn*, perhaps you should've used a less fantastical hypothetical example.

Overheard: K St. Cosi


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