Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dr. Phil would call this "sketchy"

A man approaches two white girls lying on a blanket in the sun, he looks about 40, little spanish accent, broken english, possibly homeless and says:

Man: "You know black people come here."
Girl 1: "umm what?"
Man: "Black people come to this park."
Girl 1 nudges Girl 2: "Wake up."
Man: "Black people come here. I will watch out for you."
Girl 2: "Umm yeah it's DC. There are black people, and ummm I don't care what kind of people come here."
[Girls start to pack up]
Man: "You coming back tomorrow?"
Girl 1: "No, we are meeting friends."
Man: "There is a store nearby, I can bring food tomorrow. Come back."
Girl 2: "Sorry. I am not up for a racist picnic with a picky homeless man."

-Waterfront, the grass behind thompson's boat house, last Saturday



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